No wireless networks whatsoever on windows 7

cant find any wireless networks at all. no tab for wireless.. nothing.

worked fine yesterday..

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    Did you install anything before this happened, iTunes or Adobe products or anything else?
  2. nothing.. just restarted computer.

    cant see ANY wireless networks. there isnt even a link for wireless..
  3. Check in the device manager to see if the wireless adapter is disabled.

    I assume that this is a laptop -- specific key combinations will turn wireless off, and likewise turn it on again, and your manual should describe this. What model is your computer?
  4. its actually a macbook pro. i use a program called VMware fusion for the pc option.

    how do i find the wireless adapter?
  5. Not a Mac guy, but it sound like the wireless is disabled: try turning the airport on by going to System Preferences — Network — Network Port Configurations — Check Airport — Apply Now to turn it on.
  6. i need the pc info.. the mac internet works fine..

    i can view internet on mac.. but when i go into the pc window, no wireless at all.

    you can basically ignore the fact that this is a mac.. its all pc in that program.

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  8. had to open the "vitual machine" then scroll over "virtual machine" at the top of the page.

    then click on "network adapter"

    then choose "bridged"

    this made is so if the wireless was working on the apple, then it would also work on the virtual machine (pc)

    thanks everyone for your help!!

  9. Until it's removed, please DO NOT click on the link in spspers' post. It's very risky.

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