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New card won't accept two VGA, can't dual-screen

January 18, 2013 1:46:44 AM

Just looking for any other options or suggestions, it seems like I am stuck between a rock and a hard place. I just tried to update to an HD7850, but I dual screen two monitors that are a few years old with VGA inputs (because I prefer using dual-screen 4:3 monitors for some stuff) and the new card appears to only be able to run one VGA monitor. The second DVI port is DVI-D only and will not accept a D-sub adapter. I bought an active converter to go from display port to VGA and while it displays the quality is lacking, you can clearly see a blur effect on fine details. So just to experiment, I installed my old HD3870 into the second PCI-E slot and hooked one monitor to each card and this worked beautifully until I tried to play a game. Because with two cards of the same chipset manufacturer it is forcing the system to run at the lowest common compatible driver, which is several versions back, and unfortunately this older driver has major graphics issues with the new card. These issues are documented and can only be fixed by updating to the newest driver version, which the old card can't use.

I have had to remove the new card and am running on the old one like I have done for years. And as I see it, the only option I have remaining if I want to dual screen on the new card is the buy at least one new monitor that accepts DVI input. Or is there another way? People have to have run into this issue before.