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Looking for a new video card for a HP Pavilion dv6-6100AX Notebook PC

Hey everyone, I was gifted this laptop nearly a year ago now and at the time I was ecstatic because it was god-like compared to my previous laptop. Now, surrounded by my best friends with beast desktops which play Battlefield 3 on High or Ultra (although they play on Medium for optimal performance) I realise that I need to upgrade a bit to get better performance so that new games that come out are actually an option. I've already gone from 4Gb of RAM to 8Gb but I now need a better video card so if anyone can help or if you need more info, please speak up.

All help is much appreciated!
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  1. if you want the ability to upgrade, get a desktop instead.
    personally i only see portability as the major advantage of laptop, in all other areas it is desktop hands down.

    so if you can, start saving up and pick your parts. its a pleasure to build, and you can replace part if you want, while keeping the other parts
  2. Disadvantages of branded system: Branded systems only give 1year warenty,Assembled system give 3years warenty (2year extra warenty compare to branded).
    branded systems give limits for users examples: 1:limited sata ports ,2:low space for extra hdds ,3:upgrade processor also not supported (many processors) because of branded system bios. 4:upgrading gpu also not supported (many gpus )because of branded systems psu and bios limitations. 5:if u r linux user don't spend money for ms os and softwares. etc.....
    Upgrading desktop is better than laptops because upgrading gpu in laptop decreases battery back up time . ram upgrading is ok in laptop.
  3. So upgrade desktop don't upgrade laptop.
  4. Ok... Well opinions are great but I was asking if anyone knew where I could get a graphics card for my laptop and how. Of course, if you know for sure that it's impossible for me to upgrade then just say so.

    EDIT: By impossible I mean it's fully attached or integrated and it is literally impossible. Not impossible as in it voids the warranty or something.
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    Laptops are only for portability + battery back up . not for gaming because gaming laptops are high weigh because of 17" display and low battery back up time (2.5~4 h) . if u play games in high settings @ 100% display brightness , high performance power option without charger see the battery back up time only 1 ~ 2 h max. so upgrade gpu also reduces the time to 45m ~ 1.30 h.
    Think before buy.
    contact local hp service center they give information about supported gpus for u r laptop and they can upgrade gpu if u goto other service center u void warranty.
  6. Ok, thanks for that hytecgowthaman. I was thinking about going there just now so I'll check with HP what is supported and how to buy.

    P.S. I only ever use my laptop for gaming when it's plugged in because it increases performance.
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  8. I don't want to sound like a jackass but don't trust everything they say at the store. Go ask them then go home and research what they said. Never buy something on the spot in the store based on some clerk's advice. It is suprising how little they know when asking them question above the basics.
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