Could I crossfire two Asus ROG Matrix 7970's?

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I am building my first Gaming Computer and am wondering if it would be possible to crossfire two ASUS Rog Matrix Radeon HD 7970 Platinum 1050MHZ graphics cards. I have the Asus p8z77-v pro motherboard and a coolermaster 922 case. My main concern is that it either would not fit in my mobo/case or they would overheat while being too close together. I have never crossfired before so I don't really know what to be concerned with. If not then I plan to get the standard 7970 so that I may definitely crossfire when the time comes to upgrade my computer graphics capabilities again.

Thanks Guys!

Please don't mention my PSU or how I won't need that much power, etc. I just want to know if it's possible to get this to function well.
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    It'll work, but I would recommend a ROG motherboard, and a HAF 932 for such a crazy build.
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