Need some advice on my new build. Any thoughts?

This is my current plan for the sweet gaming PC I'm planning.

This includes:
Intel i7-3770K CPU
Corsair H100i CPU Cooler
Asus Maximus V Formula/ThunderFX Motherboard
Corsair Dominator Platinum 1600 (2x8GB) Ram
1TB Western Digital Black HDD
128GB Samsung 840 Pro SSD
Corsair C70 Black Case
Corsair AX850 PSU
Asus Blu Ray Optical Drive

According to things I've seen/read online the case and the motherboard should still be compatible even though the case is ATX while the motherboard is listed as EATX, but if anyone could confirm this that'd be great.

While most games will not differ between the i7 and i5 processors some do and I can only see this becoming more popular. This is why I chose the 3770K over the 3570K.

I really like the look and features of the Asus Maximus V Formula and with the ThunderFX I won't need to get a sound card.

I would prefer to get a single GPU instead of SLI for now to make upgrading easier in the future.

Do you all think it would be worthwhile to wait for the 700 series to be released? The latest I want to start this is mid to late July, but if there is no reason to wait the sooner the better.

Does anyone know of any other non full tower cases that could still hold the Maximus V Formula comfortably and look nice? (I prefer cases to look a bit more on the "simple" side.

If you have any questions or any suggestions please let me know! My first priority is performance with it looking awesome being number two. Thanks for any input!

-Also I spent awhile on this so if you see it and think everything looks just fine please comment and let me know so I can get a little bit of feedback! Thank you!
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  1. I would switch the h100 for the swiftech h220 as it is the best performing AIO water cooler. Everything else looks really good.
  2. -i7s are useless. by the time its useful, you are upgrading
    -the MVF is overkill for any usage. if you need a sound card, get a sound card. i can get a board half the price that will perform the same and do the same job just as well
    -dominator ram is a overpriced piece of bling. stuff half the price performs the same
    -dont get fisher price watercooling. either wait for a swiftech h220 or get a good heatsink. or go custom. no cheapo stuff
    -the 690 is a 680 SLI on a single PCB. same thing. nothing new. your point is invalid
    -there are faster video cards that are cheaper
    -ask for the advice when you are buying. when you wait, suggestions change
    -the c70 is crap. i have other suggestions
    -you need a bigger SSD
    -black drives are no faster than blue drives
    -you dont need blu-ray if you dont watch them. optical media is dying
    -you dont need windows 7 pro. you arent going to expand more than 16gb if this is a gaming rig

    therefore get this


    hard drive


    and also get a good mech keyboard while you are on it
  3. case. if you want more airflow

    if you want more silence

    same cases, just the one with silence has dampening materials
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    Pretty complex subject.

    As for time, you have now, or you can wait until June 2nd when the new Haswell processors come out. These just could be worth waiting for. Next is Jan 2014 when the next generation of Nvidia and AMD GPU's.

    I'd not wait for the next generation GPU's because that's nearly a year away and no guarentee's they won't be delayed another few months. For me personally, I'm waiting for the Haswells.

    As for the GPU's, it depends on the resolution you have. For 1920 X 1200 and below, the 690 is great.

    For a triple display or even a 2560 X 1600 display, you really need a Titan.

    As you can see, a Titan in SLI gives the same performance as a SLI 690. But SLI Titans are much better as far as micro stuttering etc. Many games are worse with SLI 690's. Remember, a 690 is really two 680's on the same board, so even though they have 4GB memory, they act like they have only 2GB, so for large displays and multi displays the 690 is becomming obsolete. Titans, of course, have 6GB. Enough for years to come.

    I agree with you about processors. Crysis 3 needs multi cores so we are on our way to threaded programs in games.
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