GTX 560 ti

My new GTX 560 Ti is continually running at 99 percent usage. I can't figure out why, because it is always at 100%, even when I'm not even playing a game. My monitor resolution is 1024 by 1050, through a DVI plug.
Computer Specs-
Intel Core i5 2300k @ 2300k
PNY GTX 560 Ti 1024 Mbs
Biostar TZ68K
12 Gbs DDR3 1600 Mhz
256 Adata Premiere Pro (Boot)
150 Gb 7200 RPM
500w PSU
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  1. what program are you using to tell you this? GPU-Z is my recommendation. Do you have a program running in the back ground?
  2. First time on Toms Hardware. My Graphics card is always runnning at full usage. Why is that? i tried uninstalling and re installing drivers, but no help. Even when my computer isnt doing anytihng, not running any games, it is at full GPU usage
  3. Either a virus or an overclock - does it come with a factory overclock? If it's messed with the voltage, that could be the cause.
  4. how did you find out your gpu running at 99% usage? do you mean the cpu or the fan?
  5. I was going to look into overclocking, so I installed MSI Afterburner, but I looked at the GPU usage, and it was at 99% usage.
  6. Didn't come with overclock. Would this be from too much voltage or not enough?
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    GTX 560 ti 100% usage! Why?
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