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650 ti in games

how will this card perform in games along with a 3570k and 8gb of ram in fps games like call of duty and battlefield 3 and when crysis 3 comes out please help and at 1080 p
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  1. Gtx 650ti is good card for upto res 1650* 1080p it can max games but in some game you have turn down settings.overall my suggestions is just add few bucks and get hd 7850.for 1080p gaming you need minimum hd 7850.
  2. Yes for 1080p you need minimum a 7850 or 660. The 128-bit memory bus can't keep up with the AA at that resolution.
  3. 650ti is still fine for 1080p. You just probably have to lower or disable AA and probably lower a couple settings. However, I do agree a 7850 is significantly better and you should probably aim for that card to start.
  4. COD great, BF3 ok, Crysis 3 . . ouch
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    You should be fine when you'll Lower AA
    Would recommend atleast a 7850 though.

    Tweak some settings and you'll always play 30fps+ on Ultra 1080p in every Game

  6. the 70 more bucks for 660 are worth it for 1080. see my sig

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