Issue with Monitor not receiving signal?

I just got some new computer components today and just finished installing them. I got new memory, computer case, graphics card, and a motherboard. Everything seems to be plugged in but maybe I'm missing or overlooking something, the graphics card and everything turns on normal, but my monitor says "no signal detected."

My computer specs are as follows:

Asus sabertooth z77 mobo
intel i-5 2400 cpu
2x 4gb gskill ram
Cooler Master Trooper Case
Radeon XFX 7850 GPU.
750 Watt PSU

Any ideas on why everything turns on, yet nothing appears on my monitor?

The monitor I'm using is a BenQ XL2420T.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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  1. Check the vga,dvi cable is connected properly.or remove the gpu and see it turns on or not
  2. I've tried plugging in two different monitors and nothing shows up on either of them.
  3. 1)First uplug the gpu 2)reinstall the ram and see it boots or not.
  4. See that powersupply fan is spining or not.try to firmly fit 24pin,4 pin cpu fan connector.
  5. Reinstalled the memory, the power supply and all of the fans are working, nothing shows up on the screen still.
  6. This could be due to an error in your setup or something wrong with the DVI plug or cable, or even the GPU itself. Even the GPU fan (If there is one) is working? If the motherboard has integrated graphics try connecting it to there.
  7. I tried plugging in my old gpu and still no results. Is it possible that there's a cable I'm not plugging into the mobo that could cause this to happen? There are two cables specifically that are not plugged in anywhere, one says CST 22 i believe, and the other is just a small 2-pin cable.
  8. I would suggest take pics of mobo and post here.

    Is a link with quite a few pictures I uploaded, quality isn't the best. The last few pics are a few cables that aren't plugged in, and I'm unaware of their purpose so they may or may not make a difference?
  10. Is it at all possible that maybe my motherboard is bad?
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