Not getting what I would expect from GTX 670

Using a vanilla EVGA GTX 670. I'm getting around 59.1 - 62.0 FPS while playing skyrim on ultra, according to the in game EVGA Precision X monitor. I was expecting better FPS. I set the power target to 115%, and even set the offset of the GPU clock up by 100MHz and the memory clock by 250MHz. Makes no difference at all. I am using a monitor that isn't native 1080p. Is the monitor bottlenecking the FPS? I don't think thats

System specs

i5 3570k
Kingston Hyper X 8GB
Asus P8Z77 V PRO
Corsair AX 700 PSU
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  1. Skyrim is more CPU Dependent than GPU.
    And you must be playing on DX11.

    So you are getting what you should have.

    Don't compare with Benchmarks, They have High-End CPU.

    If you want a better Performance, Overclock your CPU.

    And I think you must have a 60Hz Monitor?
    If so, then anything above 60fps is waste
  2. Thanks man, I'll try and get my i5to arounf 4.2 again. I had it there, but reset my bios and havent bothered overclocking again. What is a resonably priced monitor for gaming which will let me get out the full potential of my 670? Thanks
  3. Get any 1080p Monitor in your Range.

    If you can then get a 120Hz.
    Because in most games, a GTX670 crosses 60fps.

    Or else, 60fps constant is also very good.
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