Nokia 6230 Charging Problem

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Can anyone help please?
My son thought he was doing me a favour!
He/we have plugged in the wrong charger.
It was the wrong polarity and 7.5volts.
Is there a fuse of some description?

The phone works fine, only the charging is a problem!


Thanks in advance.

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  1. Hey, I know this thread is old, but I need an answer to the same problem...

    I've had a universal charger from an Ex Argos Catalogue Shop. First, the diagram showing the polarities vs the "TIP" on the lead, is the wrong side... But 2ndly, I thought I was using initiative when trying to find an alternate charger for my Nokia 6230... I tried both polarities on 5 & 6v, The Nokia charger is 5.7volts so I didn't see any problem in trying it. As when I used the correct (but wrong polarity) on my digital camera, the only thing that happened is it didn't turn on... However, when I flipped it to the other it worked perfect? =S

    Would argos be liable for my phone as it now doesn't charge? Due to the fact the product is defected due to the fact the diagram shows the "Tip" and the + & - polarities, however, the "Tip" marked on the lead, is on the wrong side...

    Please let me know, and also if there's a way to fix the phone. It all works fine, apart from the fact it wont charge... Thank you.
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