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im trying to use my dell inspiron 1012 to project onto another, bigger screen laptop. im usng vga cable, which poth laptops have vga.... but i cant seem to connect them. i can do it fine with my tv, but i cant find a way of projecting onto another laptop. searches on here and google just show threads for projecting onto a tv. anybody any ideas?
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  1. You can't connect two laptop that way. The VGA port on both laptop are VGA output.
  2. any way of using an ethernet cable to transfer files, stream, transfer videos etc.
    problem is laptop in living room has good connection to public wifi, so can stream from youtube quickly. laptop in the bedroom has access to no internet. so is there any way for the bedroom laptop to show what is on the living room laptop?
  3. Set up an adhoc with the laptop in good reception area and share the internet with the laptop in the poor reception area.
  4. I'll move this to wireless networking so people there can help you.
  5. This topic has been moved from the section Graphics & Displays to section Wireless Networking by Pyree
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