Gpu is really overheating

i have a gt9500 it is really overheating extremely it idles on 83 and reaches 126 i rethermalled it twice the fan is working it isnt overclocked i dont know what to do
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  1. I don't know why 9000 series is nowadays getting Hot.

    My Old 9400GT has the same problems from last 2 weeks.
    Another guy reported the same.

    Maybe Overclocking made my Card Dead.
    Have you too Overclocked your card?
  2. yup once and left it overclocked for 3 days then it started getting hot as hell then i downclocked it to the normal from that on it is getting realllllly hot even on idle
  3. its probably just getting old... those temps are dangerously high, and your card will undoubtedly fail soon, either purchase an aftermarket cooler, such as the twin turbo II (if it fits your card) or grab a new card
  4. you're doing something wrong with the paste job...
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