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965 bottlenecking 7870?

Been getting some mediocre performance in games like crysis where my 7870 should *** on the game but I believe my 965 at 3.2ghz (yes downclocked by 200 to make voltage lowering stable since the stock cooler is a jet engine) don't get me wrong at 3.4 it's the same. So you think the 965 is holding the 7870 back? My gpu is at 1100 core too.

Once a get a decent cooler like a 212 evo im gonna demolish my cpu but until now it has to stay at 3.2.
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    Get msi after burner see gpu usage. thats how i check my cpu bottlenecks
  2. Are we talking about Crysis 1 or Crysis 2? I've seen threads over the last few months about Crysis 1 where people have been experiencing weird performance issues. From what I remember people were saying that the game was poorly optimized for the newer cards.
  3. yeah crysis 1

    the reason i believe the cpu to be the culprit is in the first part where you run over the cliff theres a ton of physics and a.i to process whereas other parts where its more gpu heavy i do fine so im thinking its the cpu.
  4. The game was centered if I remember correctly more so around graphics. However back in 2007 CPU's were probably still in the stages of transitioning into the quad cores.
  5. well im gona do what the other guy said and use a tool to see if the cpu is at 100% while the gpu lollygags like it should...
  6. Yea thats how i figured my 6300 was holding my 7970ghz back a bit so i just overclocked it. what temps you getting on your phenom?
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  8. Okay, so what they are asking you to do is see how much of your cpu is being used. I would suggest firing up a game and using a mix of msi afterburner which uses riva tuner and a piece of software called hwinfo64. I have photos explaining it. You can also choose to show each core being used and that may narrow things down for you is all cores being stressed or only a few that sort of thing and another thing to take into consideration is how a game utilizes multi core cpu's is more optimized for 2-4-6-8 on and on cores.


    And the end result in game.

  9. usually hover around 52c under load but the fan is near silent now

    id rather have silent fan then 200mhz more which does nothing
  10. No I turn GPU temp on because you need something enabled within Afterburner to show the CPU line from HWiNFO64 not to be confused with asking you the temps.
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