First time building a computer. Need help on compatibility + Size

Hi! This is my first time building an entire computer. Not sure if the individual parts are compatible together and thereby I'm seeking help.

ASRock Z77 Extreme4 (i7-3770) (i5-3570K)
[Edit: Getting the i5-3570K instead as DarkSable recommended.]

Sapphire HD 7970 3gb DDR5

[Edit: Downgrading this to a 7950]
Sapphire HD7950 3GB Vapor-X

Corsair Dominator Plantinum 1866 C9 (8gb x 2)

[Edit: Since this is overkill. Going with this instead. Bottom.]
Corsair Vengeance 1600Mhz (4GB x 2) 8GB

WD Caviar Blue 1TB SATA3

Casing + Fan:
Corsair 400R ATX + CM Silent Pro M2 620W
[Edit: Getting this Power Supply instead. Not sure if it's a good one however]
Corsair GS600 600W

*And if plausible and if there is space, I'd like to add in an SSD as well.*

Corsair Force GS 128GB SSD SATA3
Corsair Neutron 120GB SSD SATA3

[Edit: Since these 2 SSDs are not recommended. I'll take DarkSable's recommendation]
Crucial M4 128GB SSD SATA3

I would really appreciate it if you guys helped!
Like many I need a bigger casing or downgrade some of the parts and etc.
My first time building a computer and I really really want this to work!
Many many many MANY Thanks! :D :love:

Most likely to be on 2560x1600 all the time.

$2,000 and below.

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  1. Dude, that case is HUGE. As in, one of the largest mid-tower cases on the market.
    It can have up to eight PCI cards (sound cards, video cards), Six hard drives / 12 SSDs. You could get a much, much smaller case and be fine. (Just make sure it supports an ATX motherboard and you're golden. [Actually with the rig as you have it right now, you could get a microATX case and motherboard and have a gaming PC the size of a shoebox... but it'd be harder to build and harder to upgrade.])

    As for the build itself, here come some critiques:

    1) This is for gaming? Don't get the i7-3770, get the i5-3570k. The i5s are EXACTLY as good as the i7s for gaming (the only difference is hyperthreading, which games don't use), and the i5 I named is actually going to be much better, because it can overclock - that i7 can't. [Good pick on the motherboard, though.]

    2) Personally, I don't think the 7970 is worth it when you can pick up a 7950 and overclock it to within 5% of what an overclocked 7970 will run at. (That being said, if you aren't comfortable overclocking, get a 7970/50 GHz edition, which are pre-overclocked.)

    3) Way overkill on the RAM. You only need 8GB (Which is enough to simultaneously run battlefield 3, photoshop, and 50 tabs in chrome.) of DDR3 1600 with CAS 9. Make sure the voltage is no more than 1.5v.

    4) Good pick on the hard drive, but consider a black for the 5-year warranty. I personally would go with the blue, but that's because I'm very good about triple-redundancy backups.

    5) Good pick on the case. Though there are other, probably better options, cases are a very personal pick, and are more about aesthetics (noise and airflow are a given at that price point) than anything else.

    6) Bad pick on the power supply, however. Cooler Master does not make good PSUs. Get a reputable brand like Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, XFX, OCZ... The computer as you have it now only needs a 550w power supply of a reputable brand like this - 750w if you think you might buy a second 7970 to run in crossfire later down the road.

    7) Yes, you want an SSD, but you don't want either of those SSDs. Go with a Samsung 840 pro, OCZ Vector, Crucial M4, OCZ Vertex 4, Samsung 830, or Samsung 840, in that order of preference, depending on price. I'd aim right where you're at for a 128GB drive. That's enough for windows and applications, and the games that see a benefit from an SSD. (Not all games do - MMOs get the largest benefit.)

    Aside from that, the only other thing I might do is pick up an extra fan - Corsair makes nice ones, and they'll go well with the case.
  2. Post a budget and list any parts that you are really set on. You'll get build ideas from at least a few people, and people critiquing those builds that will help you out. Also list what your main usage for the pc will be, and the resolution that you will be running it at.
  3. I would agree with DarkSable get the i5 3570K. That is the CPU I am using in my intel build and it is very good. A friend of mine went for a i7 for his gaming rig and found out he had to turn of hyperthreading or else he had stuttering in some of his games. And hyperthreading is the main reason to get a i7 over a i5 so in the end he just spend more money than he needed to for a gaming rig.
  4. Updated and changed quite a few things thanks to DarkSable's reply! Thanks!

    However I am still unsure about the Power Supply.
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