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So I don't have 17 monitors and I am not playing at 30000x 12000 resolution. However I do have a single monitor Samsung 1080p 27" max res 1900x1200. I have no need for anything more my monitor is beautiful. Further I am running a i7 3930k, 32 gig 1800 vengeance mem, a ssd (can't remember ATM ), and the dated gtx 480s in Sli (yes they heat my house) mobo is assassin 2.

So with my simple monitor, and my choice of MMORPGs (guild wars 2 ..what ever is to come) I think it is time to upgrade my cards. There has been a lot of battle over cards and I hope one of u, who has more time then me for research, can answer my question of which?

I see all the research at high res about the 7970 GHz being best, but like I said I am not going for high rez or multiple mmonitors.

So today at current drivers, and my rig type, all I want is a card that will max graphics for a couple years. I don't care of it is 600 series or 7000 series , and further do I wait for next gen. Mind u I will sli

thanks in advance
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  1. If going to multiple gpu then hd 7950 would be good.
  2. Or you can get hd 7970,gtx 670 even these single gpu will maxout any games at your resolution.
  3. at 1080p it really won't matter much and more then likely 1200p as well. I would say that as ASH said the 7970, or the 670 would be valid options. It truly depends on what you are wanting to spend. The 7970 is a smidgen faster then the 670 normally but also comes at a higher cost normally as well. You get more value for your buck with the 670. And either card should put you in a good position to last for a few years however that is a hard thing to guess. Reason being is that with resolution changes of late the 4k tvs shown at CES I get the feeling it will become more increasingly less and less a 1080p market for computer monitors.
  4. You don't need to SLI or Crossfire with your resolution.

    2 x 480 should still be able to max out every games right now with your resolution. If I were you I'd wait for the summer or fall for next generations to be released and prices to drop a little and I'd buy just a single card like a 8970 or 780.
  5. I would reccomend to get hd 7970 or gtx 670 is enough for next 2years for ultra gaming.when you feel that you are not getting performance then you can get another gpu.
  6. Well in 2 years chances are a card will come out that will be more worth while then Sli but you are right the current cards should last for a couple years in theory.
  7. thanks for the help i do apreciate it. My 480s do max most games but some of the new stuff cripples it like the higher end AA ...i wont be buying till i get back state side around march or april so i think i will see what the market has then and go with what is available. with that in mind i will not be so gun shy for a 600 series or a 7000 series if the price is right
  8. Yea I think waiting and seeing what comes out is a wise course of action given the card you currently have. You never know the 700 series/8000 series cards could be more in line with what your budget will allow.
  9. Yea I would wait for the new gen cards as well... And as far as multi GPU's go, many tests have been done and its pretty widely known that SLI performs smoother than CF... Although that might change, AMD is now actively working on resolving the issue they have with frame latency. But yea my vote is wait for next gen.
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