GTX 680 vs Quadro 4000 for work

I'm going to be using some advanced programs (like $600+ per. program)

I know that the Quadro 4000 is a workstation card and the GTX 680 is a gaming card. But the GTX has 1536 CUDA cores while the quadro has 256, will more CUDA cores help with CUDA supporting programs?

and what about 3d modeling? should I go for the Quadro 4000 because its more stable?
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  1. for 3d modeling use quadro as they are workstation graphics cards meaning they are optimized for that and gtx 680 is optimized for gaming but it will give you less performance in 3d modeling programs
  2. theoretically more CUDA cores will translate into faster times to crunch data while rendering, but that's not the only time you need to crunch data - working in the viewport takes power too and depending on the complexity of your models, it's not only about CUDA cores...
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