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I downgraded my laptop, 1 year old, from Vista to XP when I got it, and now that 7 is available I am wondering if it would be worth upgrading? Will I get any performance increase or reliability improvement?
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  1. Windows 7 is the future, Windows XP is dead.

    TBH, I would probably use the restore disks and reinstall Vista.
    With the latest service packs it really is a quite nice OS.
  2. Got a coin, flip it. From a performance issue, maybe a nickels worth of difference. I would give Win 7 the edge in stability, that is recovering from a wayword app.

    XP may be dead, BUT it's a long time to burial.

    Is it worth the cost to upgrade - ??? depends on if you need a feature. IE I have a 128 Gig SSD for laptop (#3), win 7 has trim, XP does Not. As far as applications go, Mine all run on either, I have none that requires Vista/Win 7.

    If Money is tight, don't, if money is not a object and / or you need a funtion that is in Win 7 and Not XP - by all means get it.

    Do not let the "Future vs dead" enter into it - When it becomes YOUR future - GET IT.

    PS have 3 Laptops, 1 XP, one all three (Have a 3 HDD one with ea) and One Win 7 on SSD, Vista on HDD).
  3. Vista can offer just about everything Win 7 can and you already have a free copy.
    Just saying....
  4. Except Trim, Which is a biggy if you plan on using an SSD.

    you have a valid point on "already have ME, opps mean Vista. If I had downgraded a laptop from vista to XP SP3 (I Have), I would have to look long and hard at reloading vista - Finding all the drivers. Just not that compelling. In my case it would be easier as I kept the Orignial HHD intact. Bought a new HDD and put XP on it Have not had a need to stick vista back in, from a performance, nor reliability standpoint.
  5. Is trim compatible with all SSD or just intel?
  6. Not all SSD's and not all Intel drives either.
    The Intel G2 drives along with Indilinx Barefoot drives have support for trim with the latest firmware.
    I believe Samsung's latest controller has support also but am not 100% sure.

    OCZ's Vertex SSD's also have a cool feature with FW 1.5, Trim + Garbage Collection support.
    Garbage Collection is like a passive trim function that automatically frees up deleted blocks.
    Basically the same thing as Trim but OS independent.
  7. Outlw6669 I don't know why you like vista, but I already know that it sucks compared to XP or Win 7. SO, since that was not one of my options, I thank you for your time and effort.

    RetiredChief I appreciate your response, and I agree with what you said BUT I was looking for some data or strong opinion that shows how one benefits the hardware over the other. I don't know what you mean by trim. I turn off all desktop enhancements that are not useful, and run in basic/classic appearance mode most of the time.

    As far as compatibility, 7 seems to be 90% great for my applications. Only one or to apps might have trouble.
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