Win Server 08 2 NICs - 1 Public WIFI

I have a network that is functioning perfectly. My client is trying to add a public wifi hotspot for their customers. My server has 2 nics.
nic 1 is ip mask gwy DNS

nic 2 is plugged into a WAP and is currently set with the following ip gwy dns

we are using windows server 2008. until last week we never used nic 3. ultimately the goal is to restrict 100% of the access from 192 to internet only access. I'm extremely confused at this point. I have dhcp setup and working on both networks. Ultimatly i need this fixed ASAP. Also, we have no access to programming this from the router it is controlled by a third party and refuses to allow us to make any changes. is this possible? :(
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  1. why do you need nic2?

    can you connect a router to the same network then nic1 is on?

    what are you using as a WAP?
  2. We have a cisco router that is programmed via a 3rd prty. They will not alot us an extra port w/paying for the port to be active and a monthly fee is associated with that. so from Router (cisco ASA) the plug into our switch and our server plugs into the switch too. our 2nd port on server plugs into our Linksys WAP54G. I honestly need a way to bridge the traffic from my 192 address (which can be changed if i need to) to my 10. address. even if i could send that traffic directly to the router and skip the server i'd be ok with that.
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