Hello tomshardware!
I formatted my data drive on my pc by accident but luckly windows is on my ssd, so i lost all my data :pfff:
Anyone know of how to get the information back, all 400gb of it? Before any goes on the back route it was new rig and hadn't finished putting old files on it yet
PLEASE HELP ASAP to afraid to turn of pc incase it losses the necessary information to recover it all :sleep: :cry: :cry: :cry:
also not sure where this fits under in categories and i run windows 7 so yeah..
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  1. use another machine to purchase and download some data recovery software.

    if it is your system partition (difficult to do so probably not) plug the drive into a separate machine and run the recovery software from there
    If it is a data partition, then turning the machine on should not be a problem.

    How do you accidentally format a partition.
  2. Try Recuva.

    But DO NOT recover the files back to the same HDD, as u would overwrite the data u are trying to recover!!!

    Best would be to use another drive for the recovered files.
  3. thanks bro will try that asap
  4. Good luck!
  5. Quote:
    Dear Friend,

    You can use Recoveryfix for window data recovery software which really work good and restore all corrupted data i recently used it and it's work for me.

    Thanks for the suggestion friend! I had a back up of all the data thankfully, lol.
  6. Go try a recovery software:
    Honestly, last weekend, I also accidentally formatted my drive that held some important videos made by my friend. Even though I knew a little about recovery stuff, I bravely try this free application to take a chance. Fortunately, it helped me restoring all of them back. Otherwise, I would blame myself for a long time. Therefore, you could try it.
  7. Hi,
    Have patience!!! Couple of days ago, I had accidentally formatted my USB drive and lost all the stored data from it. Then I tried hard drive recovery software which made data retrieval from accidentally formatted USB drive possible. This software also supports data recovery on other storage data storage device. Just follow the below links to try the software and get back your data from formatted data drive.
    Software link:
    Download link:
    Best of luck, :)
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