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Maxed out(gtx 650)

hi,i am planning to upgrade my graphic card to gtx 650(as that's the only one available quick)...i want to play games such as assassins creed 3, hitman absolution, alan wake at max settings at resolution 1600 x 900 .Will i be able to do so .my computer specs are:-
processor:-i-3 550
ram:-kingston ddr3 6 gb
power supply:-coolermaster 600w thunder
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  1. yes go for it. your power supply has more than enough power for that card
  2. you will not max out settings

    you'll need a 570, 660 ti, or 670 for that
  3. ya i know that but could i play games like far cry 3, assassins 3 etc at max@1600 x 900
    resolution with this card
  4. ok currently i have the weak gf should be an improvement on that???
  5. No not even close (the GTX 650 is a low end gaming GPU)... You would need to get at least an AMD 7850 or GTX 650 ti / GTX 660 to get close to maxing those games at that res...
  6. da rulz said:
    ok currently i have the weak gf should be an improvement on that???

    It will be a big improvement over the 210... but don't expect max settings by any means.
  7. how about overclocking with the 650 would it help?.............and does the processor make a VERY big difference in fps?
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    The CPU can make a huge difference in FPS... but it depends on the game. Some games are very CPU intensive, while others are more GPU intensive. In other words you could have the top of the line GPU like a GTX 690 or AMD 7990, but have a crap CPU and only get 10 FPS...

    Overclocking will help, but a 10% increase in performance when you are getting 20 FPS... is only going to raise it to 22 FPS. The GTX 650 will work but you will need to move some of your settings down to get playable FPS.
  9. how many fps would i get with the 650??
  10. I can't find a review with the games you have listed but all other new games at your resolution it shows the card getting right around 20 FPS... with high settings. You could always play at low-medium settings and get maybe 30-40 FPS..
  11. pls how much is playable fps for such games
  12. generally anything over 30 fps is considered "playable".
  13. thanks for the help will try opting for gtx 660 ti that should be okay
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  15. NP, but no need to get the GTX 660 Ti... The normal GTX 660 will be enough for your needs, and they cost a good deal less.
  16. 30-60fps is generally what you should be shooting for. If the only reason you are buying that card is because you want it quickly then I would tell you to have some patience and order at least a 660 or 560ti. If it is more of an issue of price than getting it right now you may want to consider something from last gen or an ATI card.
  17. I also agree with Derza concerning the 660/660ti. No need.
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