Dx11 uningine heaven does not start

So I use heaven for benchmarking and stress tests... but for some reason when i start it all the graphics options show but when i hit run it just sits there... any ideas on what is wrong would help me emminsely
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  1. what do you mean by all the graphics show but when I hit it just sits there? what did you hit lol
  2. when you start heaven teh graphics setting, tesselation etc but when i try to atcually start the benchmarking program by hitting the run button it just sits there like an old lady at a beach :P
  3. wait i got it, the problem was Virtu MVP i couldnt start bf3 either
  4. How long are you letting it sit at the loading screen? I have had it take quite a while (90sec or more) to load on some systems. Try it in windowed mode as this can also help.
  5. i let it sit for about 10 minutes and nothing happened I first set my bios down to stock(i just updated it) and then that didnt work so i started to disable some stuff after disabling Viru MVP i got it up and running so i just uninstalled it and now it's working great :D got a 1257 :P
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