Odd problem with my entry level gaming PC.

Hello everyone. I have been having a problem with crashing lately and I'm hoping you guys will be able to help me out. When I crash my screen goes black ( some times blue lines going vertical then the black screen). My music and game sounds will be playing in the background, so this leads me to thing it is a GPU error. At the same time though if I were to interact with my game or music in any way (key board shortcuts) nothing happens as if I'm no longer in control. I still think it is a GPU issue, but for you help I will post everything.

CPU- AMD FX 8150
GPU- Radeon 6870 HIS ICEQ
Mother board- asrock 970de3/u3s3
Memory- 16GB DDR3
Power Supply- Corsair CX600 builder series
Hard drive- 500gb by western digital

I have tried updating my GPU's drivers.
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  1. Run memtestx86 to check your ram. How hot does the gpu get? Did you clean uninstall the gpu drivers before changing them?
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