NEW AMD Drivers 600 pt increase ?? did image quality drop ?

Hello all... I'm pretty tech savvy and i realize hardware vendors work hard on making their new hardware look good (in every perspective) I've owned a 7970 for about a year, found stable clock speeds @ 1080 core and 1535 memory... The highest 3dmark11 score I had seen with my system (Sabertooth 990x Bulldozer 8120 @ 4.5GHz) was 8600, however, with 12.11 driver, I was in the 8400 range.....

Today, I install the 13.1 driver and crack 9000 3dmark, as I watched the benchmark, I defiantly felt as if image quality was sacrificed!

Any feedback from the rest of ya ?
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  1. While installing the drivers, maybe your settings changed (if you changed them before updating) and that makes everything looks worst. You can change that setting in the Catalyst control panel anyway.

    - The Brownie
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