AMD 7850 and a dell xps 8500

I ordered a Dell xps 8500 which should be here in a couple of days.
It has:
i7 (3.9ghz)
460W Dell stocked psu
Windows 8
Nvidia GT 620
Diminesions of the case are : (H) 17.49 in x (W) 7.30 in x (D) 15.99 in

I plan to use this rig for gaming/school. My intentions are to put this GPU in it :

I've read that this GPU requires a 500W psu, so I expect I'll have to replace this also.

My question is, will the 7850 ( dimensions:9.25" x 5.63" x 1.65" ) fit in this case?
As far as psu's go, I know I want 80+ bronze certified ( good brand ), is there anything else I should be looking for when getting a psu size wise? Also, I was looking online at the back of a xps 8500, and noticed to plug for the psu was in the top left hand side, whereas most of the psu's on newegg have the plug on the lower right. Is this an issue?

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  1. Also, here is a link to the power supply I am looking at.
  2. Best way to know if it will fit in your case is to open the PC and use a measuring tape to make sure the card will fit.

    Just know that Dell usually have excellent PSU, they even underestimate the real power sometimes so your 460-Watt should handle that 7850. I agree Corsair have excellent PSU too but I'm not sure the one you selected will be a big upgrade compared to your Dell PSU. That is of course, unless the Dell PSU doesn't have 1 x 6-pin PCI-E power connector required for the 7850, if that's the case this changes everything and the PSU upgrade would be mandatory. Also, if you go for the change, don't mind the external plug not being in the same location, as long as the screw holes are at the same place for both PSU, but I believe the XPS 8500 use standard ATX PSU so I don't see any issue there.
  3. Awesome, thanks. Would there be any harm/benifit to going with a 600W instead of a 500W? Everywhere I've checked ( including Dell ) has sad that the 7850 will fit inside the xps without problems. Is iceQ a good brand for the 7850 or should I look into another brand?
  4. I found a saphire 7850. It's smaller and a little cheaper. I also found a MSI Twin Frozr which is also smaller. Which one would you recommend between the IceQ, Saphire, and MSI?
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