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Opinion of the Intel HD Graphics 2500?

I am considering buying this setup (I have a tight budget) after a user recommended it to me.

I read about the Intel HD Graphics 2500, which comes with the system, and it does not look very promising. I want to be able to play Minecraft flawlessly at least. Will this graphics setup be able to do that? Also, what would be cheaper - to go ahead and spend some extra money and get a system with a great graphics card, or just buy a separate a better replacement separately and add it to the system above? Thanks in advance for any help!
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    I am not familiar with minecraft, but in researching, I came upon this link which should interest you:

    Many entries are for laptops.
    But reading, I think the i3-3220 would be a fine cpu, but even the HD4000 graphics of the i3-3225 would not suit you.
    The last page of tom's article includes a graphics heirarchy chart so you can determine the relative rankings of graphics cards.,3107.html

    I think the pc is good for what it is.
    But, it only has a 300w psu, so any strong graphics card would require a psu replcement also.
    You are looking at $50-$70 to replace the graphics card.

    I might suggest you build one yourself based on a i3-3220 and a 450w psu.
    If your performance is not good enough with integrated graphics, then you will be able to later install a discrete graphics card that will.
  2. I've added parts to computers before (along with the software), but I don't know enough to do it from scratch. I've looked at all the computers on and and all seem to have issues of some kind that won't allow Minecraft to function well. Do you have any suggestions for a complete system? I can go about $550 on the price.
  3. lol when it comes to gaming on a laptop.. you'll have to spend more.. a lot more. but with your budget the best thing you can possibly go for right now is an AMD APU (CPU+GPU in one chip) and the A-10 5800K is probably the same price AND performance as the i3 in that system only it has a HD6570 Inbedded into the cpu. which means you can play most latest games on a 720p resolution on high settings (If you have fast enough memory that is) for the same price range the A-10 APU alone without a dedicated gpu has proven to beat a i3 3225/gt440. I dunno why newegg doesnt have any pre-assembled systems with an A-10 but you should start looking for one or make one yourself. If you dont want to add a graphics card and still want decent fps in games theres AND stick to that budget. You should build yourself an a-10.. im gonna be building mine for £260 which is like what? $350! if you build an A-10 System try buying a hd 6670 so you can enable dual graphics or CROSSFIRE X which will give you double fps's in games
  4. one more VERY important thing. the a-10 relies almost completely upon the ram for its graphical horsepower. dont get like 16GB ram with it just cause the systems costing you less. GET 8GB RAM WITH 2133MHz CLOCK!! DO NOT FORGET THIS THE A-10 IS NOTHING WITHOUT FAST MEMORY
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