Radeon HD 7850 Dual-Monitor Artifacting

I recently got a second monitor for my computer (ASUS VE247H, hdmi), so i decided to use my older monitor to dual screen (dvi). Before i have been able to successfully connect my TV that uses HDMI and the same monitor up. Only until recently before I got the monitor, I reformatted my hard-drive. Now both my monitors start to artifact around borders of any program that runs. It would probably be a normal artifact too... though on occasion i can see an artifact around the edge of a program... happen under the windows task bar. Any ideas in what can help?

Computer Specs:
Radeon HD 7850 (manufacturer HIS)
2TB Seagate HDD
Intel Core i5-3450 Ivy Bridge 3.1GHz
750W Powersupply
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  1. I know this probably relates to http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/364703-33-radeon-7850-screen-flickering though with the fact that it didn't before hand is what is confusing me. (I forgot to mention that it started a few weeks after i reformatted, and yes I had connected my tv to it before I got the monitor). The problem occurs on anything i attempt to plug into with a second monitor (using a single monitor is fine, not problems with the artifacting)
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