Good monitor for gaming

Im looking at possibly either a 27" or 24" monitor.

Not really sure about price yet. But whats a good monitor for gaming? Specifically Starcraft 2.

Whats the best quality brand? Right now i have a 40" tv im using, but i would also like a really really nice quality monitor.

Like is this good?

Do i want a high or low contrast ratio?

How important is response time? what specs do i want to look at to get the best picture?
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  1. There are many good monitors out there. I have used many brands and so far have liked Samsung and Apple best. What I usually recommend to people is to go to a local electronics shop and look at the screens first hand. See which ones look best to you and then narrow it down by whats in your price range. After you have picked one out, look for better prices online. I recently switched from a 24 to 27" for my main monitor (I use three) and love the size.
  2. If you are getting a 27" monitor, 1080p is too low. You have to get 1440p or 1600p.
  3. I agree is obbie, I just got the Auria 27 inch IPS-LED 1440p and it is a absolute amazing monitor, the stand stucks but the monitor itself is great. It was 399$ at
  4. I have three Dell ultra sharp u2412m monitors and i like them a lot for gaming, they have good color quality being IPS.
  5. hmm looking at the 1440 monitors they look a bit out of my price range. Im thinking around the 200-300$ price range.

    Does anyone know i terms of like 2ms response time or 5ms does it make a noticeable difference?

    Also the amount of colors, contrast ratio etc?
  6. also i have a question. So im not sure how to explain it but i see these really "glassy" looking monitors that look super crisp and clear, almost like they have glass plating over the screen. Like an imac

    Then there are the ones that you can physically kind of "touch" the screen material. Does anyone know the difference between these?
  7. The response time is meaningless... You can have a monitor that has 2ms that has more latency than a monitor with 8ms... it is a very misleading way to rate a monitor.
    I would recommend getting a IPS panel monitor, they have much better color reproduction as well as better viewing angles.
    Like i said i would recommend something like this:
    it is a 24 inch monitor but the resolution is 1920x1200 vs most 1920x1080 (It also has a great stand).
  8. so im thinking of grabbing a refurbished or open box monitor off newegg.

    as you can see theres literally tons, Which looks the best of the ones 260 or less
  9. Well, unless you are looking towards a 120hz monitor I would say that perhaps gonig for a IPS monitor would be a good way to go. There are a couple of monitors that I would suggest for you. I recently went through the process of doing research on monitors and I just found the quality of ASUS to be top notch and I feel you will be hard pressed to find many who will have something negative to say about there panels.
    ASUS PB238Q: This is the smaller version of the 1440p version from ASUS. It may not be a 24 inch screen but the size is great the color is great and the viewing angles are amazing. Also, I really like having the ability to move my monitor around up and side side to side and it has the ability to rotate which would come in handy if you ever wanted to get 2 more and pair in a portrait multi monitor view. The stand is very very high quality and I've been very happy with it. I wouldn't go Dell as there customer service is bunk and with anything computer related they are bound to break at some point so its nice with ASUS with there ARR service where you rma they pay for that they ship a new monitor as you send the old one back it has win written all over it.

    Now there is also a IPS monitor from ASUS that is 16:10 1920x1200 and very good as well. IF you can find this one sale its a good way to go.
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