FarCry 3 runs better with 8Gb than 4Gb. Eh?

I've looked at the recommended specs as oposed to the minimum specs and it says 4Gb minimum and 8Gb recommended. Why? FC3 is a 32bit app and is impossible to address more than 4Gb anyway. My PC has 8Gb and task manager says only 3.2Gb is used running FC3 for an hour as well as all the other stuff like to OS etc. Is this just marketing trying to push hardware sales? :fou:
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  1. It is because with your operating system and any other programs running, in addition to Farcry 3, could require more than 4GB of RAM. It is recommending 8GB so that there is little to no chance you will run out of available RAM.
  2. You'd have to have an awful lot of stuff running in order to drench 4Gb. Like I said running FC3 with all my other crap it only get to about 3.2gb.
    But yes I understand your point.
  3. how many 64bit coded games are there?

    put a 1gig video card in machine and try it.

    what does vram do? what does system ram do? what does cache on a processor do?
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