Hd 7850 crashing randomly and WEI score of 1..wtf?

http://vvcap.net/db/Ky2id8BaRs2ZJ5E0nczi.htp (WEI)

http://vvcap.net/db/vL8nfE6hFC3sAPxpWlMl.htp (H/W monitor)

http://vvcap.net/db/d5dLeIYVDM-m74CbHQ8T.htp (H/W monitor)

Okay, wtf, I ran 3DMARK11 and got 5770 on preformance, I ran furmark and got around 30fps on the standard settings (low res, forgot what res)
I got sent the wrong card from WAE+ , a terrible company, and they gave us a return slip after a week even though they said it'd be 48 hours (I tried to get the hd 7870) and the address place is empty (went there myself) and locked up. Doesn't seem occupied by them anymore, anyways onto the gpu issue now... I get random artefacts, like when you overclock your gpu or cpu too much and you cant see the screen, it'll shake a bit, show random coloured lines, oscillate etc
I played saints row 3, ultra got lowest fps of 18.
It can't possibly be my power supply because it's brilliant; corsair 750w CX, and I ran my hd 5770 fine with no problems. I get 1.21v max on the gpu too. Is this normal? The random crashing what do I do? This is supposed to be a new card... I feel like I have been sent a faulty card, nevermind the wrong card. The company DOESN'T respond.

Guys, what's wrong with the gpu? I've installed the new drivers, same problems. I mean games are running better than the hd 5770 but it's still relatively low. My max fps is around 70 as well on sr3. I have the athlon 640 II X4, M4X7DT evo, 1TB wd caviar green, 500gb samsung, 8GB ram.

What should I do? I put in the card about 2 hours ago. Do I need to contact AMD? I'm frustrated. :/
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  1. and if I do have to return it, do I contact AMD or VTX ( I have the VTX hd 7850 2GB)
  2. Could it be the drivers? I've reinstalled them and it's slightly better. No crashing with WEI.

    Though I had to install the 12.1 drivers. Are the 13.2 crap?
  3. This brings up another topic, why is my cpu using 98w consistently?
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