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7870 or 7950?

I know i've seen this on the forum already, but none of the threads really fit my situation exactly, so here I am. It's finally gotten to the point where I buy my last component for my very first build! So far I have 16gb of ram and an fx-8320 processor, with a 750w psu (if you need to know more details just ask) So i was wondering if it would be worth it for the extra $50 for the 7950, or if I would be perfectly fine with the 7870? I pretty much just want all of my games to play at a min. of 60 fps plus at least a bit of comfort room. I would like to get the gigabyte version of either card with the 7870 being listed on newegg for $249.99 and the 7950 being listed for $300. Is it worth the extra 50 bucks? I can probably order my 7870 tomorrow, whereas I would have to wait at least another week for the 7950.
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  1. for $50 more its definitely worth it the 7950 is about $100 more powerful than 7870

    also you may wanna oc that fx chip if you want 60 fps in games ur gonna need to oc it to push the 7950 along
  2. Thanks for the reply! And alright that really makes me want to save my money for a bit longer then, and will it really need to be oc'd? I thought buying an 8-core processor, even though it isn't intel, would be able to push 60 fps, but again I'm no expert.
  3. Hi :)
    I would definately wait a week and get the 7950, you'll be glad you waited. Very easy to overclock past a stock 7970 as well :D
  4. For 50bucks? if you have the money hell yes. 3gb vram vs 2gb and the 7950 can be overclocked past the 7970/680 so its a nice card.
    As for the overclocking. well you dont have to overclock if you only want 60fps
    i have a 6300 which is pretty much the same for gaming as the 8320. and at stock clocks it bottlenecked my 7970 ghz I was getting around 75% gpu usage however once you overclock it a bit the bottleneck goes away. but if u you only WANT 60fps then its fine, since i was always getting 60fps but the 7950vs 7970 ghz is a bit diffrent since the 7970ghz is about 15%-20% faster. so you shouldnt have a bottleneck
  5. I really just want a min. of 60 fps anything above is more than welcome haha. But I wasn't aware of such a big difference between the two cards, and for 50 bucks more I just wouldn't feel right if I got the 7870 at this point!
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    7950 is a No Brainer here.
    But I would prefer a Better brand.

    You need a 7950 to run Most Games on 60+ fps
    But you'll have to adjust some settings too cross 60 in some Games. Like lower the AA settings.

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