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Will p8p67 drivers work on a sabertooth z77

I am getting ready to do a new build and want to use my existing SSD with data intact in my new machine. My current motherboard is a P8P67 Pro and I plan to use a Sabertooth z77 in the new build. How do I go about saving all of the data on the SSD while installing the new motherboard drivers and msc software? Or is there any easy way? I have built four computers in the past, but each time I have used all new equipment. This time I plan on swapping out a good deal of the hardware such as video cards, burner and so on.

Thank you for ny help you can provide.
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    P67 and Z77 are very closely related chipsets.
    I have had good success in changing motherboards /cpu's by just installing the motherboard and booting from the old os windows 7 drive.
    The easy way is to simply install your ssd in the new pc and boot to it.

    You should be able to boot into windows well enough to be able to install the chipset and lan drivers that come on the cd shipped with the motherboard.

    Out of half a dozen times , I was successful 5 times.
    I failed only when converting a Athlon dell desktop to a intel motherboard and ivy bridge cpu.

    But, to be certain protect yourself with an image copy to a external destination.
    And, you might use windows easy transfer to export your files and settings.

    If it turns out that a os rebuild is necessary, you can use windows easy transfer to import your files and settings. Programs will need to be reinstalled.
  2. I really do appreciate your help. I would like to hear other opinions to see if yours is the majority one.
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