[Graphics Card] GTX 670 FTW - HDMI?

So I just got my new computer today with a GTX 670. I'm not very good when it comes to hardware, so I spent hours trying to figure out why I was getting no signal on my monitor. Long story short - After I figured out that I need to plug the video cable on the graphics card and not the motherboard, I thought I was good to go. At the time, I only tested this on DVI because I couldn't find the HDMI port on my graphics card.

I looked at pics online and notice that on mine, there seems to be a tiny block of some sort which covers these two ports.

I tried to gently pull them out by hand, but they didn't even budge. Now before I try something else, I need to know if I should stop now before I break something. These blocks are stuck in there good, as if I'm not suppose to take them out. But I thought 670's came with HDMI ports, so it has me wondering.
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    Do not pull them out, that is where the contacts for the connector are. The HDMI is on the right of the circled area on your pic. There is a cap on both the ports in your picture, those pull off, but the black part inside the connector does not come out.
  2. You won't break them if you pull them out, no.

    One of those is a HDMI, one of them is a... display adapter? Something like that. (the one on the left.)

    That being said, for anything serious, you want to be using a dual link dvi connection anyways.
  3. Thanks for the replies! When I said "block", I meant the cap covering both ports. I pulled the one covering the HDMI port and plugged the cable in. Everything works now! :)
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  5. Oops to late
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