I want a gtx 660ti..

But there are like 20 to choose from @.@...

I know that Superclocked = more preformance, but Im looking around and see lots of different models differently priced. My budget here is 300$ (Give or take 20ish), so anyone who knows about gpus, can you help me? >.<

http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=3755049&CatId=7387 (Is the one im looking at atm)
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  1. This one is built on the GTX 680 PCB and should allow good overclocking.
  2. A pcb? And what is the main difference between it and what I just linked?

    So confused about this, and I dont wanna toss 300$ on the wrong choice XD
  3. akumati said:
    A pcb? And what is the main difference between it and what I just linked?

    So confused about this, and I dont wanna toss 300$ on the wrong choice XD

    It means they made that 660 ti with the basic skeleton from a 680.

  4. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130816&nm_mc=OTC-pr1c3grabb3r&cm_mmc=OTC-pr1c3grabb3r-_-Video+Cards-_-EVGA-_-14130816
    look at this picture Back of the card. where the main pictures are there are the additional pics that show more detail
  5. Go for whichever is cheaper. Realistically, overclocking won't make any difference since they will both be overkill. Overclocking any card above a 650ti is just for Epeen bragging rights. Plus consider your monitor refresh rate. Do you own a 120mhz? Because the 660ti will easily get you over 60FPS, and if you don't have a refresh rate over 60mhz, those extra FPS are just a waste. The non FTW looks better in my opinion asthetically, and either of those cards will be plenty.

    The FTW is fugly, bulky, and you can just get the 3GB Super Clocked 660 TI from EVGA complete with a sexy backplate, which is essentially a vanilla 670.

    I personally own this card, and it goes over 60 FPS in Skyrim

  6. dont get a 660 ti get a 7950, same price and it takes dumps on the 660ti. hell, even the 7870 is neck and neck with the 660 ti whilst being a lot cheaper... the only nvidia card worth getting is the 670 rly
  7. Don't get a 7950! Most of them have terrible coil whine, as I returned one for my 660ti when I realized there is NO distinct difference for that amount of annoyance! Plus a SC 660ti will basically be a vanilla 670 from the factory, for $50 less.

    I'm sorry, but if a card is supposed to be better than another, it shouldn't screach with coil whine like it wasn't built right. But apparently coil whine is accepted by AMD users as normal because the manufactures of those cards can't get their build right. Though some Nvidia cards have had coil whine, most don't. Mine is silent under almost full load. If you don't know what coil whine is, its a shrill static sound similar to a telephone wire buzzing. Many 7950/7970 cards are known to have this issue, which is pathetic. Its 2013 for crying our loud. I returned my 7950 to the local Tiger Direct the next day, and after using my brain bought a 660ti since I noticed no performance difference from the 7950 while playing any of my games. (Skrim, ie.) and BF3 plays better on Nvidia cards in the first place, fyi.

    Nvidia has a much better suppression of coil whine issues. A 660ti is all you need; you will have better drivers and quality from EVGA. I personally think the AMD cards are cheap looking, and from my experience, not well made. EVGA is the cream of the crop. Moral of the story, if you aren't using a 120mhz monitor, even if you managed to get higher FPS from a 7950, it would be a waste.
  8. check TR report also as even after new driver release from AMD its still not par to 6660ti
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