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Why does ati radeon 5570 only display 720

January 19, 2013 1:16:51 AM

My problem is I can't get ATI Radeon 5570 card (in HP Pavilion computer) to display 1080 on HDTV. My HDTV is a Fujitsu Plasmavision that supports 1080i.

The ATI 5570 card has 1 DVI port & 1 HDMI port. The DVI port goes to computer HP 2310 HD monitor (1920x1080), and the HDMI port goes to the HDTV (through a HD AV receiver - see below).

Besides the computer, I have a dishnetwork receiver, two bluray (Samsung & Panasonic) players. All these devices (dish, blurays & computer) are connected to a Pioneer 1019H HD receiver (through HDMI in ports). The HDMI out port goes to the HDTV.

The dishnetwork receiver & both blueray players all display 1080 fine. But, when I set computer configuration to have simultaneous displays on the monitor & TV both (automatically) switch to 720. Same resolution (720) occurs if I set to display on TV only. Can't get 5570 to display 1080 on TV. The computer display automatically resets to 1080 when just the monitor is used (no TV).

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.