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7850 crossfire OC crash

Hey guys, just got my 7850 crossfire setup.
I only have one problem with it, and that is it will not overclock worth a damn! I Set both of them at the same clocks and up only 100 mhz on the core and the display drivers crash and such. Sometimes my screen will hardlock and then i have to restart.
I've checked the temps, (which never go above 70).
At stock clocks this doesn't happen. Any help would be appreciated!

Powercolor 7850 2gb
His iceQ 7850 2gb
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  1. Is anybody going to help me out here?
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    Maybe you lost in the silicon lottery? Each chip performs differently to overclocking. You might of been extremely unlucky and gotten two duds. You can try adding some voltage to help stabilise some clocks. I currently have two 7850's running at 1200 with no voltage changes -- I was lucky.

    It takes time to overclock, and do it slowly. Go up in 25-30 mhz increments. If its unstable, step back ten. Thats how I do it. Up 25, down 10. If you get to the max overclock on that voltage, if you want to, you can add more and proceed further. It takes time to overclock. It took me at least a week of 4hrs+ a day of stress testing to get where I am today.
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