Can't open Games

Hello, I wanna ask why I can't open Brother In Arms Hell's Highway when I open It it says File not Found

My cpu specs :

AMD E-300 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.30 Ghz

2.00 GB Ram( 1.60 GB usable )

system type : 32-bit Operating System

can someone tell me how to open it??? it's also says About Physx like thing??
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  1. You have Deleted the Game.

    Reinstall it.
  2. I Did't Delete the game okey....It Happens when I open the Game..
  3. Then the Game Directory is Changed.

    That error comes when a Shortcut file can't find the Original file.
    So, you should now find the Original file and Make another shortcut.
  4. maybe I can't use that thank a lot!!!
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