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Hello, I am new to the forums and need help quickly. I have recently purchased a GT 620 and and PSU 450w for my dell dimension 530, not the 530s. Now i know a GT 620 is not very good, but it is better than the integrated one that's in there.The only reason I got one was because the previous dedicated card died. I can plug the cable from the monitor to the computer (not the graphics card but to the integrated part i guess) and the monitor turns on fine no issues. However when i plug the monitor into the graphics card part the monitor doesn't work, it turn on but it stay at a yellow light not green, in other words sleep mode. I have gone into the BIOS and changed it so the display first is PSI slot but the computer is not recognizing the graphics card, Can you help it is driving me insane i cant figure it out. Is there anyway i put the card in wrong? If that is a possibility list a step by step on how to install. Oh and btw i'm okay with computers but not great so if you could explain it in a simpler way that would be awesome, thanks in advance!
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  1. As long as you went into the BIOS and selected the PCI express slot as the primary video output you should be fine. Maybe try removing and re-installing the card. You should get a firm click when it locks in place. You may need to disable the onboard video, but that's usually not necessary.
  2. Did you install drivers? That seems like the most likely problem.
  3. I cant install the drivers because the computer doesn't recognize the card so it wont let me install from the installation disk. And yes there was a click so it is in there.
  4. I'm having this same problem with this exact card. I took it out and plugged it in twice just to make sure it was installed properly. It's definitely in the motherboard correctly but still I'm not getting any video displayed. Was there ever any resolution to this? This is a brand new card that I just brought home and opened the box.
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