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Better gaming setup

i3 3220 and gtx 660
i5 3470 and gtx 650 ti
my budget is around rs23000
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  1. if you only use this setup for gaming, then the i3 + 660 should be better than i5 + 650ti
  2. even with games like diablo and skyrim
  3. i3 3220 and 660.. for gaming the GPU is what you need. a i3 is a perfect lil Chip for gaming... the i5 u picked is ok but if its not a K.. I'd get the i3.. unless its a i7
  4. i3 + the 660. will run skyrim and diablo grat. the 650ti is ok, but the 660 is much better for 1080p resolution.
  5. for skyrim. its more about having a GPU.. and plenty of RAM..a i3 will suffice for a processor
  6. What is your max resolution?
  7. I would actually get the 3470 and then wait for a month or two until you have enough money for a 7850 or a 660. Trust me its worth the wait and then you won't have to upgrade to a better processor for quite some time
  8. 1600:900 is my max resolution
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    Then go with i5 with gtx will easily handle games at high settings at your resolution.i5 would last longer than any dual core.i am strongly reccomending you to get i5 3470+ gtx 650ti.
  10. the GTX 650 ti will be ok for Skyrim.. maybe not max settings but decent
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  12. i5 3470 + 660 always better :lol:
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