Is this a good computer for gaming and YouTube recording?

Is this computer able to play most games on high how much does it cost what could be upgraded for a total of 800$ how much ram does it have and how much memory on hardrive
This is a computer some one on eBay wold build me thanks!
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    Well... we are kinda lost arent we hahahaha let me help you a little.

    That Build Is Bad, First of all he is selling you a Expensive case with expensive Ram. In less words he is spending money in things you wont use for Gaming.

    Please use this link, copy the information and paste it, and we will be able to give you an exact answer to your problem.

    EBAY PC: Is using a

    120usd Cpu I3 3220 Ivy Bridge.
    20usd piece of garbage Power Suply.
    100usd Windows
    Discontinued Hard Drive Sata II OLD Garbage.(theres no way to know the exact price of the drive but its not worth more than 60usd.)
    110usd intel Motherboard ( you dont need this motherboard if you are going with an I3 3220, its overkill to get a Z77 Series motherboard, and it has bad reviews)
    99USD Phantom 410 Case, Good Cooling, Good Cable Management, Good Visuals (Overkill for your setup).
    99usd Memory Ram....... OVERKILL
    189usd Video Card (Its a good card, but he is not telling the Brand Or the model).
    10usd Samsung Cd Drive.

    708 usd.. If he is selling you this Build he is an asshole and you shouldnt trust him. Use the Link Above and Let us help you to make use of your money in a right way.
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