Thinking about selling my xfx 6950 2gb

Was thinking about selling my xfx 6950 2gb card. It has the dual bios switch and has been flashed to unlock the shaders only. Tried the 6970 bios before but it always caused a blue screen. Love the dual bios switch for that. Anyways, how much do you guys think imcould sell it for? Wanted to get a 7970 or the 7970ghz edition.

I also read that the 8000 series is to be released in Q2 2013. Should I just wait?
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  1. Look on Ebay and watch some cards till they sell. Random guess $120-$140
  2. Considering the 7850 basically equals or beats performance to a 6950, and the 7850 is valued around $170-$190, I would doubt you would get $120. Definitely at least a hundred.. The unlocking shaders bit might add a little value.
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