New Pc new problems

Hello, just one week ago I finally finish my new PC, here you can find what I have right now

Intel Core i7 3770 3.40Ghz
Asus P8Z77-V LE PLUS
Corsair 2x8Gb DD3
Nvidia MSI GTX 660 Ti
Intel SSD 180 gb
2 Western Digital HD (500gb and 1tb)
Scythe Chouriki II 750w

Now I started to play just one game, talking about Guild Wars 2.
Really nice improvment from previous pc and it is smooth and fine but I just notice a strange noise coming from the pc when I am playing the game. (notice if during the game i open the map so actually there is no more any kind of graphic the noise goes away)
I tought it was the fan running faster so I did not care a lot but today the game freezed first, and when I restarted it it freezed again but not only the game, the whole pc.
I opened the case and i run game again. That noise is not a fan, it seems to come from the video card itself.

I am going to try with another game, but do you have any idea what is happening?
I did not have freeze since very long time and now I am a bit dissapointed.
Can it be the powersupply not enough?

I hear the MSI GTX 660 Ti have an issue with over voltage that can cause problems.

Thank for you kind answers
Best Regards

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  1. Thats a Old News of Voltage. I don't think there are any problems coming now.
    However I would recommend a Replace, Maybe the card has some Problems.

    And I Recommend you to change that PSU to a Corsair CX600 or GS600
    Even a XFX 550w supply will be good.

    Most unknown Brand PSU cause alot Problems.
  2. Hello, thanks for the answer.

    I forgot to say that i used the videocard on my old pc with the same PSU for 2 weeks and it did not give me any kind of problems, i played hours with no freeze or strange noise.

    I tried another game, Crysis 2, same noise for now.

    The Scythe is a little brand but is not really unknow, i was usign to have 2 ATI HD 5770 Vapor-x.

    I really do not know what to do.
  3. What are your Temps ?

    If you can then replace the card as it is Under Warranty Period.
  4. Temps are fine I think, in idle is around 28°C and working not more of 50°C also because the problem happen exactly when the game start.
    I just notice a noise reduction if i put all the details to low.

    I am a bit worried about Warranty because i bought from an online shop and they write on their web that i have 14days for a RMA, but I am out of the timeframe.
    Is there a MSI warranty too?
  5. Ya, There must be a MSI Warranty of atleast 1 Year.
  6. On MSI Forum they told me that could be some coil whine.
    It becomes higher with FPS
    Trying the "triangle of death" with the msi kombuster i got a lot of noise.

    It seems (and i hope) that the 2 crashes of this morning were only an isolated case.

    Now i am trying again to play some games to strees the card and see what happens
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