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Upgrade gpu from 550ti

Quick question, I have a gigabyte gtx550ti 1gb and want to get a MSI HD7770 1gb gddr5.My screen is at 1600x900 res.Will the upgrade be worth it or not?
Quick answer will be appreciated.
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  1. It will worth but not a big.i reccomend you just add few bucks and get gtx would perfect for that up more and get gtx 650ti
  2. Or if you want to enjoy gaming for next few yrs then simply get hd 7850 with eyes closed.
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    Simple question to yourself, Can you play all games now at the desired level with 60+ fps? If not then you can dig in to spending for an upgrade, if however you can play at the desired frame rate. Then wait and see what comes out for the 8000 radeon or 700 nvidia series.
  4. 7770 is only a little stronger than 550... why buy a completely new card for 5-10% performance increase? What a waste...

    edit: on second thought with the latest drivers the 7770 is prolly up to 20% faster than the 550ti but still not enough to warrant payin another $120
  5. +1^.you need to get atleast hd 7850 or wait for next gen card
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