New to computer gaming need a new card

So im looking for a video card under 150 that runs with my computer hp pavilion slimline s5-1114 everything is stock and also if im able to upgrade anything like ram for better gaming anything would be helpful.thanks for any help :D
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  1. Hd 7750 would be best low profile card for your system.hd 7750 - my reccomendation.
  2. what model tho i see so many that are 7750 one that sapphire another is amd idk im lost can u give me a link thanks again for the replay
  3. if amd go for hd 7770 or nvidia the gtx 650 ti.Both are great and would give you good frames for most games.Also ram has minimal effect on games..........i upgraded mine from 2 to 8gb and no difference. Just go for the video card
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