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GTX 560Ti Temperature

Hello, I never bothered with GPU temperature before but after looking at other people GPU temperature at idle, I start to wonder why my PoV GTX 560 Ti temperature stay at 73ish celcius at idle. I never OC it, this card is new enough, 5 months or so probably and I cleaned the dust most of the time when I open the case.

Room temperature around 26-30, enough to chill me and I think the airflow is fine since graphic card it self sat right below the hole and I definitely sure the case itself has plenty of room to "breath".

Does this look somewhat dangerous or strange?I hit 102c when I turn all the graphic settings to ultra in WoW and BF3 for a couple of secs (based on the reference, 99c is the highest 500 series can take?). Fan itself as far as I can see is working properly and swinging like crazy at 90%. Another small question, what high end GPU that has the lowest temperature right now (which also silent ofc?) that can outstand this hot and noisy boy?lol
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  1. Something is wrong here. My 560Ti's in SLi idle @31c & 34c.
  2. Something is definitely wrong. This isn't the most difficult thing to do but try to clean the thermal paste and apply new ones. In the meantime, clean up the fans, heatsinks, remove any dust from the card and the case as well.
  3. You need more airflow in your case, gather all the wires and if it doesn't work replace your case for a better one. It should be on summer at 80-90 C.
  4. double check your case air flow first. make sure you have in take fan to bring the cool air it and out take fan to dumb the heat from your pc. and this article should be good for your own reading:,3053.html

    if the high temp still persist then try applying new thermal paste for your card
  5. Well, CPU temperature is fine (44c based on real temp) so GPU should be the one to look I guess. Might try to fix the thermal paste tomorrow and see if this fix my problem

    Anyway, the case is fine. I've the other computer which I gave to my brother, smaller and less room to breath and this card still has the same temp. So I don't think it's the airflow, at least it won't jump more than 40c from start..
  6. Scan system with superantispyware pro (trial) .
    Update os . Oc all fans . Reinsert gpu.
  7. Open the case, turn on the PC to see if it can help reduce it's temp. You ca also try to touch the heatsink to manually feel the temperature (BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL), as sometimes Mobo or Graphic card's temp tend to report a wrong value.

    Otherwise apply that thermal paste replacement. If it still plays "Hot", you may be reconsider the RMA to that card.
  8. all right I have done everything to know why the temperature seems to be strange but one additional information, I use dual monitor and once I plug it off (one from two), the temperature drastically shrink into 45 and can be lower than that if I increase the fan but let's face it, why one monitor can cause that huge increase of temperature?

    I have the same spec with my friend and he use larger monitor(24" and 19") while I only use 22" and 19. He told me that his idle temp is between 55ish which is far lower than mine.

    So the only thing that left is only get another thermal paste since I never stock that thing and I can't get that today (too busy today). But I've cleaned all the dust, check the cable, fan and opened the gpu itself to see whether the thermal paste is still there or not. I don't know how to judge it but is this a good sign of thermal paste?

    this is the case. The air flow right above the card itself. I ended up opened two additional bracket to get more airflow which isn't help at all (I guess)

    I think this is the 'heatsink' right?

    The gpu itself

    card condition when I opened it. Full of dust, cleaned all but not helping at all

    So if thermalpaste is the real problem, then it is good. I will get it tommorow before I get to work. But if it doesn't solve the temp problem, I might get an additional fan or cooling system to my vga because I don't want to lose my 2nd monitor. So which brand of thermalpaste/cooling system that might fit into this PoV GTX560Ti?
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    Running two monitors from one card will result in that card remaining in 3D mode, meaning that it will not drop down to idle 2D mode and will stay hot.
  10. So there is no solution for that then?:( too bad
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