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Gtx 650 Ti and PSU question !!! Help

Hello all,

I have these specs

Intel core i3 530 @2.93Ghz
4Gb ddr3 RAM
Intel DH55TC motherboard
Nvidia 9400 GT 1gb card

Today i went to the market researching for an upgrade of my GPU card to Nvidia 650Ti, and the shopkeeper said that u would definitely need to upgrade your PSU too as DDR5 cards require additional PSUs and told me that the PSU in my PC is the default to power up various parts and the 9400Gt card, so told me to also get the 450W or 500W corsair or coolermaster PSUs with this card.

So, is this correct ?

and also plz recommend me a good corsair or coolermaster PSU for this card of abt 450W or max 500W, probably the best one in the 450-500W series if any :)

Any more suggestions would be really appreciated :)

Thank you :)
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    nvidia recommends at least 400w PSU for the card. so you should be fine with 400-500w PSU. most people said avoid Cooler Master PSU. so if you can try looking for Corsair, Antec, Seasonic to name a few. something like Corsair CX430 should be suffice for your need
  2. I would reccomend you get corsair cx will handle gtx 650ti.
  3. so, i was offered by the dealer
    GTX 650 Ti >> 10800 Indian rupees
    corsair cx 500w >> 3500 indian rupees

    Could i get any cheaper the same respective models online shopping and also can i sell my Nvidia 9400gt anywhere online ??

    Thanks a lot guys for replying :)
  4. You are getting those Parts alot cheaper than the Price Online.

    I think you can sell your Old 9400GT to a Friend, or Someone in your City.
    Because it will be hard to sell that Card Online.

    I'm too from India, And I want to know where you live? I mean from where are you buying these parts?
  5. yes that is cheaper than flipkart :)

    I live in chandigarh, just went to nearby computer market and met 3-4 dealers and this was the cheapest i was offered and everybody offered the price of card as max 11000 Indian rupees :)
  6. Thanks for the Info.

    Thats all good.
    You are good to go.
  7. You are getting at good price.go with that. I think sumukh also lives in your state!
  8. ASHISH65 said:
    You are getting at good price.go with that. I think sumukh also lives in your state!

    It would have been better If I would.
    But I live in Chhattisgarh
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