6970 crashing my computer


I just swapped my 550ti for a radeon hd 6970 and i was wondering if the new card could be making my computer freeze up. I had no problems with the 550ti and i ran it for almost three years.

my specs are:
8Gb G.Skill 1333
Phenom 2 x4 955
1tb Segate
Visiontek 6970 2Gb
Ultra LSP750 750-Watt
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  1. Did you delete the drivers for the 550ti and install the new drivers for the 6970? Also, AMD just came out with new drivers, you can download them from AMD's website.
  2. I wiped and reloaded about three times after installing the new card. Also i tried the newest drivers and some older drivers and the problem still persists.
  3. so i found out the problem was my hard drive. shows me to suspect something was wrong with my new component right after i put it in. LOL
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