Problem with resolution

I have ATI Radeon HD7970, Dell monitor with max resolution: 1920x1200 and windows 7 64bit.

On starting computer:
1) BIOS - all displayed OK
2) Windows loading - all displayed OK
3) Logging in screen - not displayed - monitor is telling me, that best resoultion is 1920x1200. It looks like graphics card is using too high resoultion.

All I can do is putting computer to sleep, waking. Then all works perfectly.
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  1. did you download your graphics card driver? try that.
    if that doesnt work go to Control Panel> Appearance & Personalization>Display>Adjust Screen Resolution and set resolution to 1920x1200 in dropdown box
  2. Reinstall your amd 7970 card drivers.
  3. I downloaded and installed drivers from amd. After update problem still exists.
    I'll try to reinstall ;/
  4. right click on desktop. go to resolution.
  5. I have resoultion set correctly (1920x1200, 60Hz)
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