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I just got a high end gaming pc and the first day i played on it, it was working perfectly with games looking great. the next day i go back to the same games i was playing and the quality was awful! even though the settings were on the highest and the resoultion was correct for my monitor?
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  1. What do you mean awful quality in the next day? Care to share some screenshots and/or give some more clear explanation?
  2. ermmm... even though games were on the highest quality it looked as if it was on low. and it doesnt change no matter what i set the quality too. This happened with far cry 3, metro 2033, amnesia, saints row 3 and red faction armagedon. the only exception to this is borderlands 1. they are the only 5 games i have installed currently
  3. They're already set to the highest quality settings? Have you tried changing some image settings and see if it changes anything?
  4. ive tried all the options and some might hange it a little bit, but i cant get it back to what it was like at first? some people have recommended that i update my drivers?
  5. Yeah, you should do that too if you're not using the latest drivers. If you're using an Nvidia card, download directly from nvidia and if you're using an AMD card, download directly from AMD.

    While we're at it, how about if you share the rest of your PC specs so we could identify the problem a lot better?
  6. radeon hd 7770



    6 core processor 2.3ghz

    +the drivers are from 2006
  7. Anyway, update your drivers first
  8. sam: "+the drivers are from 2006 " - you've answered your own question there.
  9. ok doing it now
  10. alright thats done
  11. but if is the drivers fault, why would the games look good for a day and then then have problems?
  12. "I just got a high end gaming pc"........."+the drivers are from 2006 "

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