Optimal Screen Size For 3 Monitors...

I am looking forward to possibly be upgrading to a nice 3 monitor setup in a few months.

What do you guys think is the most "optimal" screen size for 3 monitors? I've heard people like 27 inch screens, but I would like some of your opinions.... :whistle:
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  1. It will depend on your budget, eyesight and the distance you will be sitting from the screens. Not to to mention the card or cards you intend to use.
  2. I think "optimal" is a matter of personal preference, space, and utility (probably in that order). First is a question of how much you want to look at. Is it just for an "ultimate" build, or are you looking at a beautiful system. Then, how much space do you have? You'd be surprised, but I've seen people spend money on three monitors and not have the desk space for them. Might want to consider VESA mounting it possible.

    Finally, what are you needing these for? Gaming? Productivity? Design? If it's just productivity then three 27" is probably overkill. If it's gaming, then it'd be important to find out if your game can even support that kind of resolution, but then you're also probably looking at response time. If it's design, you're probably looking more at the color accuracy than anything else.

    Almost forgot budget. Never forget budget.

    All in all, three monitors 27" might be a little much, but if you can get it, why not? I imagine 23" is probably more reasonable.
  3. for the price, 27s will get you the biggest display for the money, esp if you go 1440 monitors, but like Mousemonkey said, depends on your how much you want to spend and most definitely the video card running this display. No point forking out big money to find out you can't use it properly.
  4. Although three 27s would be impressive, especially with 1440 res, you may be better off with 23-24". As I sit in front of my triple monitors (22/27/19), I think I would have to move back to far to see that much screen real estate without turning my head too far all of the time (especially if you are gaming).
  5. Thanks guys, currently I run a single 30 inch and sit about 2-3 feet away from it.

    This seems like a good option for 3 23" monitors?

    I run an Nvidia 560ti 448 Cores at the moment, but I will upgrade to the next gen nv cards.
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