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I am here to ask will there be any way to upgrade from a HD Radeon 6450 to an another card without needing to worry about changing any settings Etc
Willing to spend between £50 - £120
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  1. post full pc specs
  2. Well I would if it even had a OS built into it xD the only things I know about it really is that it has a HD Radeon 6450 a 3.6 Quad Core Bulldozer FX-4100 and a 78LMT-USB3 motherboard
  3. So... I'd be able to mount that without any concerns about power?
  4. No you need good powersupply
  5. What kind of PSU would be required for the HD 7770
  6. Corsair cx 430w is enough.
  7. 7750 You'd probably be ok without upgrading your power. 7770 needs a 6 pin power from your power supply and probably a bit better power supply.
  8. The wattage of me existing PSU is 500 watts do you think that will surfice?
  9. I would go with gtx 650ti.it is much faster than hd 7770
  10. I would go for the GTX but the thing is I want to go for something the lower the price the better but I want something that will play any modern game on Medium at least
  11. Which brand of psu you have?
  12. That I do not know I can only give you details according to this
  13. Please tell your max resolution
  14. Max will be 1900 x 1080
  15. 120 Pound roughly equal to $190. I assume you had a decent pure 500W PSU, so getting yourself a 7850 or GTX 560 Ti should be sufficient for the budget.
  16. But I will unlikely use 1900 x 1080 I will be using on the lines of 1280 x 768
  17. Why do you want to play on 1280 if you can do 1900?
  18. For high gaming you should get hd 7850 at 1080p whereas gtx 650ti will handle games but you have to turn down the AA and Af and vsync.
  19. Because I am so accustomed using a low res like 1280 that I just rather play on that resolution just how I have come to be =]
  20. Do not use low res like 1280*768.gtx 650ti will handle games at high at 1650*900.use this res.
  21. So that GTi will be fine on my 500 watt PSU?
  22. Barely... To be safe get 800 w instead
  23. ^ are you serious 800w? Even 450w is enough
  24. Right so would it be best if I got the HD 7750 without needing to upgrade me PSU?
  25. You have to open you case for psu info.do not take risk!!
  26. Because before I was looking into GPU cards and I came across the Sapphire 6670 and going from that to a 7750 is quite significant to my eyes I don't want something to die hard x3... Well if you get me drift
  27. I will take just 5min to open case.you have money then why to get hd 7750?you will regred later.
  28. Well like I said I would get the GTI but I just want to be SURE that a 500 watt would be good enough x3 that 800 watt comment threw me off abit
  29. It is a Tesla ATX Switching Power Supply
  30. Do not worry about that 800w he doesnot know what he is talking about.you just need good 450w psu.just hope it would be 500w good psu.
  31. Well that is the power supply if that helps out at all ^ well.. What is says on it anywho xD
  32. Like i said, i am assuming it is a good 500w PSU. OK, forget about that 800 stuff. Now let's see how that tesla PSU reviews..
  33. I find out that tesla is not soo good.it is cheap one.i would reccomend op to wait and save up more and add 30euros more and get gtx 650ti + corsair cx 430w psu.
  34. Ok cheers buddy =]
  35. I might as well get the 500w Consair to be safe not that more expensive
  36. Yes that would be perfect.
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